Rick Springfield Fan Club-Online
Newsletter #25
February 2000

Welcome to the club's first web newsletter!  This is an new and exciting step for us!  And a new direction for the club in this new millennium.  But let's get down to what this newsletter is for - Rick news!


On January 19, 2000, Rick shot a commercial for AT&T.  It shows Rick doing a concert and in the crowd are 2 women with their daughters.  One decides to call a friend to share the concert experience and holds up her cell phone so that the friend can hear.  (This is something I believe we all have seen at some concert we've been to.)  It's suppose to air sometime this month.  I am trying to find out when and during what show(s).

The fun part of this is that about 30 real life fans got to participate in the shoot!  While there were extras playing fans, there were also fans playing extras.  The production company was very considerate of the fans that came, putting them in the very front of the stage for the concert scenes.  In fact, they were just plain nice all the time!  When this commercial airs, look closely at the front few rows of the concert.  Who knows, you just might see a familiar face there!

Here's a HEAD'S UP for you... listed below are shows/movies that our favorite actor is in.   I have the date, channel and name of show.   You will have to check your local listings to find out the time in your area.   Some good online sources to use are:
Rock On TV (www.rockontv.com),  TV Guide  (www.tvguide.com) and   Click TV (www.clicktv.com).   So, if you want to tape or watch or both, here's what's coming your way!

Feb 14                     AT&T  Commercial
Feb 14   Showtime    A Change of Place
Feb 15   VH-1          Where Are They Now?
Feb 17   Sci-fi           The Incredible Hulk
Feb 20   Lifetime      With Harmful Intent


The lucky winners for our 12/25/98 are: (1st Place)  Cindi F.   and  (2nd Place)  Kristen G.
Both winners requested the tour hat and since I had 2 left (the last of the caps!), both will be receiving these as their prizes.
Congratulations to our winners!

Our next raffle is set for March 17 , 2000 (St.Patrick's day!).   Tickets are $2 a piece.  All proceeds from the raffle will benefit the Ronald McDonald House in Tucson AZ.  2 lucky people will get to choose from these prizes:  an  autographed copy of KARMA,  an autographed VHS copy of the movie "HARD TO  HOLD" and an autographed copy of the ROCK OF LIFE album.  If you would like to join in on the raffle,  please contact me at:  debbie@dsmith.org
The winners from this raffle will be announced in the April newsletter.


Here's is this newsletter's addition of questions sent to Rick that he was so sweet to answer for us!

Q: Do you ever feel, (when the girls are going crazy over  you at a concert) that they don't appreciate you for your talent, but more for your looks?
RICK:  No not really.  I feel it's more to do with the excitement of the whole event, including the music and the whole 'live' scene.

Q:  Of all the roles you've done, do you have a favorite one?  If yes, which one?
RICK:  Probably the Nick Knight character because I love the whole vampire thing.

Q:  What's the most outrageous or dangerous thing you have done on-stage?
RICK:  Playing in Vietnam while there was a war going on!  Hello?  What was I thinking?

Q:  What's the most outrageous or dangerous thing  you have done offstage?
RICK:  Well, where do I start, flying an ultra light, ATC riding (and crashing), the list goes on and on.

Q: At several concerts where sheet music was passed up to you,  you said  you couldn't read it.  Did you mean that you couldn't sight-read or can't read music?
RICK:  I'm not a note reader.  I can read painfully and slowly but that's why God made tape recorders.


It's brand new!  A completely different way for getting the newsletter and Rick information out for RSFC.  And as you can see, there's been a change or two.

First - Tour dates now have it's own page and you will be able to check it out whenever you'd like.  No more having to wait for the next newsletter.  This page will be regularly updated to provide the latest information possible.

Second - The "Welcome New Members" and "Birthday & Anniversary Wishes" columns won't be put on the site since some members might not like having this put on the web or consider this information as too personal for here.  Something else will be devised for these two columns.

Third - Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!  Yeah!  Previously, the newsletter was sent in a "text only" format so to make it easy for all members to read.  Now, there will be pictures!   A definite improvement!  Gotta love those pictures! <smile>

And finally - It's much easier to get!  Now that the newsletter will be on the web, members will be able to read it from any computer, anywhere and at anytime!

Improvement to the site are already being planned!  On the list are:
1- more pictures  (can't have too many of them!)
2. a biography
3. a discography
4. a filmography
5. a newsletter archive
6. member merchandise
7. A FAQ of sorts - all the "Questions for Rick" from previous newsletters all put in one spot!
8. a link page - connecting you to other Rick related sites!
If  you have any information that you feel could be used or should be included in the planned "improvements", please contact me.   I would especially like to know of other Rick sites.


Well, that about does it for this, our first web newsletter.  The next will be out real soon.... like in about 7 weeks!  Remember - I would love to hear from you..... comments on the site,  suggestions or ideas for it... let me know.

One last thing before I end off.... I would like to thank the following people for their help in getting the information together and out to you.    My thanks to:  Vivian A., Karel H., and Kandice H..   And most importantly - Rick!  A big thank you for your great music and those great concerts!!

Till next newsletter.... Keep Happy, Healthy and in "Human Touch"!
Debbie Smith
Co-Ordinator / RSFC

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