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The new CD entitled "HOWLAND, LAUG, MORRISON & PINNICK" features former and current Rick band members Keith Howland ("New Guy", guitar 1993) and Lance Morrison (bass 1999-current) in an all instrumental rock/jazz fusion romp (think Joe Satriani/Eric Johnson but with more memorable melodies and a bit more jazz sensibility).  Since performing with Rick in 1993, Keith Howland joined the legendary band Chicago in 1995 and has been touring with them ever since.  Also featured on the disc are former Chicago guitarist Chris Pinnick and drummer Matt Laug.  If you like guitar solos, this one is for you!

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THE BAND..........................

Chris Pinnick (guitarist)

Matt Laug (drummer)

Keith Howland (guitarist)


Lance Morrison (bass)


An Interview.....................
1. How long have you known each other?

KEITH:.  I have known Lance since we were in college together at James Madison University.  We played in many bands together and we finally decided to make the move to LA back in 1989 to try our hand at the music biz.  So, Lance and I have known each other for a LONG time!

LANCE:  Keith and I have known each other for almost 20 years!  I met him at a water fountain in college.  The rest is history.

2. How did the CD come about?

KEITH:  The new CD came about when I got together with former Chicago guitarist Chris Pinnick whom I'd always admired and we decided that it would be cool to make a record together seeing as we had the Chicago thing in common.  I called the best bassist I knew (Lance) and one of my favorite drummers (Matt Laug) and we started recording almost immediately.  The band chemistry really came together very quickly and we had a blast making the record.

LANCE:  Keith has a studio set up at his house, and he invited me, our friend Matt Laug, and Chris Pinnick (who played guitar with Chicago in the 80's) over to jam.  Keith and I did a similar thing with Chicago's drummer Tris Imboden (The Howland/Imboden Project) that was pretty well received when it came out a couple of years ago.  HLMP was a chance to do the same thing, but only different.

3. How long did take you to put it all (the CD) together?

KEITH:  We recorded over the course of several months because of everyones busy schedules however each song was written and recorded in about 3 hours.  We would show up at the studio, start hashing out an idea and would have a track in usually under 3 hours.  We spent a few extra days for some guitar, keyboard, and percussion overdubs but the CD was recorded pretty live for the most part.

LANCE:   It only took a total of 9 days to write and record the songs because we spent exactly 1 day on each tune on the cd.  We would show up at Keith's at around noon, work up an idea, record it, and have a finished song by early afternoon.  Keith spent a little time mixing and mastering it after that.

4. How would you describe the "sound" of the CD?

KEITH:   I would say that the CD is a blend of jazz and rock with strong melodies and lots of guitar solos!  Several tracks feature the amazing Jeff Babko on keyboards which add a different flavor to those tunes.  This is a great driving record!

LANCE:    It's an all-instrumental rock-n-roll funky blues-ey kinda thingy.  Lots of notes and a little humor.

5. Will we be able to see you perform the new songs live?  Where & when?

KEITH:   We have no dates set for any live performances however we'll let you know as soon as we do.

LANCE:    We might play the stuff at a club around the LA area at some time.  We'll definately let you know.

6. Anything else you would like to share with us about the CD or yourselves?

KEITH:   If you decide to support Lance and my little "art project", thank you!  I would like to also invite all Rick fans to come over to my website and visit me on my message board.  There are even a few pictures of Rick and I from 1993 over there!  Take care everyone...

Pictures and graphic courtesy of Keith Howland.
CD information courtesy of Keith Howland and Lance Morrison.

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