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  UPDATE: July 16, 2014

Rick's Birthday is next month!

Here is a great way to help celebrate Rick's birthday by helping
to support a charity of Rick's choosing. 
Please follow the link below to find out more

RS Birthday campaign

"Magnificien Vibration" is here!

Rick has written another book.
There are book signings planned.
For more information about the new novel and
when & where the book signings are, go to:


Paperback version of Rick's book is out.

You can find it here at :
Barnes and Noble

The paperback will have 16 new pages of color photos, a new cover and an intimate new afterword.


Rick is a best selling author.

Rick's book debut at #13 on the N.Y. Times Hardcover Non-fiction bestseller list on October 31, 2010.
Rick hit #10 on the L.A. Times Hardcover Non-fiction Bestseller list on November 14, 2010.
Congratulations Rick!

You can order at Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.
You can order it as a book, or audio-book,  or  e-book, or on Kindle.

Check  www.latelateatnight.com
   for possible book signings

"Affair of the Heart"

That's the name of a great documentary!
For more information about this great film, click HERE

DVD / BluRay was released on July 16, 2013

The documentary is now available on iTunes!

Besides the webpage (www.
you can also find them on Facebook...look for Yellow Rick Road Productions

Tour Page


Check this out!  

I heard from Dave Whiston.  There may be some of you who remember him and if you do, click HERE to check out his website.  Even if you don't remember him, check out his site anyway.  :)


Do you remember Lance Morrison (bass 1999-current) or Keith Howland (AKA "New Guy", guitar 1993)
?   Then you might like to check out what the guys have been up to.    Click HERE to see what the latest they are doing and the  music they have out.

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